Lil Green

 Lil Green

Sexy, sweet, sultry and light....all describes the incomparable voice of singer L'il Green. A native of Mississippi, L'il moved to Chicago with her family in the late 20's. There she found and explored her musical destiny. L'il began performing in Chicago nightclubs at a very early age. She sang the popular songs of the day in her own way. "

Her soprano voice lacked some power; however, being acidic, insinuating, and mischievous, it was extremely erotic, probably one of the most sensuous voices in blues history...." , states Gerard Herzhaft in his 1992 book "Encyclopedia of the Blues." Known to be very attractive, Ms. Green experienced immense popularity in the latter 30's and early forties. The African-American community embraced her music. She performed with noted blues musician and singer Big Bill Broonzy on such songs as "My Mellow Man" , "What's the Matter With Love" and "Romance in the Dark." L'il also performed the classic song that defines sensual singing "Why Don't You Do Right" which later became a hit for singer Peggy Lee. (Herzhaft, Pg. 128). After experiencing several years of immense popularity, Ms. Green 's star began to fall after WWII when musical taste had changed. She tried to recapture her fame, but like so many before and after her died sadly of pneumonia in 1954.

Reference: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BLUES, GERARD HERZHAFT, 1992, The University of Arkansas Press.

Lea Gilmore
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