Women Behind The Blues


Mae's smiling face greets all visitors to the Delta Blues Museum.

Mae Smith

Mae Smith works hard as the manager of The Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  The visitors of the museum, from those with an idol curiosity to those on a 'holy' pilgrimage, Mae greets them with her fantastic smile and thrills them with her knowledge of the blues and the people that make this great music.  I will always be so appreciative of Mae.  She was the first to help me when I decided to start researching the contributions of blues women.  I walked in the museum, a star-struck stranger, and left with a friend.  Look for Mae to make her mark on the blues world as she quietly works "behind the blues" to keep our music alive.

Where and when were you born?

I was born in Clarksdale, MS 12/18/61.

What do you do "behind the blues"?

I try to inform people how important the blues is and that it is a part of our history. I tell them that this is an art form which tells a colorful story. It is something that come from within. If you listen to the words, you can relate it something that has happened in your life.

What motivates you to keep going?

There are not enough Africa-Americans involved with the blues. If I can inform others how important it for us as a people to promote our own culture. Even if we don't play or sing, there are other phases of the blues world we can fit into.

What are your views, perspectives on women in the blues business?

I think women play a major part in the blues business. We need to find a way to prove to the male world that they need to take notice. I hope to see more women involved in the next ten years. The women need to rank up there with the men. We have always been involved, but just haven't got our recognition.

What are your future plans?

If I am still with the museum, I want to be a major player in the changes in the museum. I would like to be head of operation. My dream is to become one of best female producer in television or movies or music.



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