Women Behind The Blues

Jacquie Maddix

Jaquie is doing her thang supporting the blues by creating a recording and promotional business promoting women of the blues.

Where and when were you born? 

I was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota in August of 1954. Mama says it was a sweltering day in August that year and she was glad to go into labor to deliver the baby that was me. My Mom is African-American, born in Indianola Mississippi. My Dad is Cherokee Indian, born in Nashville Tennessee on the reservation there. We always had music playing at my house. Mama was into Bobby Blue Bland and Marty Robbins. Daddy loved Big Band music...Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, mostly and Gene Krupa. I guess I learned to synthesize those two sounds into what I love to do now and that's play the blues of the 1930' s& 40's on the radio.

What do you do behind the blues? 

I listen! That's my greatest skill.... listening. I can hear! I know the great artists from the pretenders… simply by just listening. And because I can hear the "real deal"...I created first, a cable-access television show, then a radio program, then a record label, to record those artists I feel are the up and coming superstars in the blues biz. I look for 3 things... tone, testosterone, and timing. Even the ladies have to manifest some testosterone in their art. It takes guts and balls to exist as a blues professional. I love it when I see ladies out there strutting their stuff, letting the world know they are here to kick some serious butt.

What motivates you to keep going? 

The blues… the music itself. It speaks to me. I can see the colors and the lights in the music and whenever I think I should go do something else, the blues pulls me back to it by making me see the colors in the notes and the different keys. I've had hardships, gone broke and got divorced all because the music speaks to me and I know I should listen. And what is it saying to me? "Don't let 'em forget where the blues came from". It came from the spiritual roots of African people and I believe it's my job to keep that connection alive. That's what I'm referring to when I speak of the "Magic of the Blues". My motivation is the magical/spiritual basis of blues music.

What are my views on women in the business? 

"Women can do anything!" That's my perspective on the females in the industry! Women were the first to be recorded singing or playing the blues. Now, women are getting the attention they deserve behind the scenes as well. Creating is something that comes natural to a woman.... creating music is nothing more than creating life. I don't wish to exclude the menfolk, but women bring the same sensitivity to the industry that we bring to all of life. And that is, how to live in harmony with other people, with ourselves and with the Universe. Women create the musical magic we call "Life". Shouldn't women also be honored for their contribution to that harmony we call the 'Music of the Spheres" as well?

What are your future plans? 

Producing great music! I'd love to have my own recording studio so I could get artists in at any time of the day or night and have them record right then and there. I'd also love to return to television by producing a music and talk show format program that features the ladies' side of the blues.

Contact Information: Jacquie Maddix Diamond Blue Records 912 Dayton Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104 651-227-4901.

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